Autodesk License Service Agreement

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If you have purchased a license, a 12-month service contract is included. The data storage feature linked to offers is NOT suitable for storing social security numbers, credit or debit card numbers, financial account numbers, driver`s license numbers, medical information or health insurance information; data on personal characteristics or other personal data, such as race or ethnicity, religion or philosophical beliefs, political affiliation or opinion, genetic or biometric data, sexual orientation or union affiliation; or any other information that a person may present when it is improperly disclosed or used or poses a risk of harm (set “sensitive data of a personal nature”). Unless Autodesk specifically requires it (for example. B A credit card number used to purchase a subscription), you will not transfer or provide Autodesk with sensitive personal data, including all files containing sensitive personal data, in relation to your use of an offer. An overview of the Autodesk Autodesk license supports the following types of licenses: Customers are entitled to submit their licenses indefinitely and receive a discount on a 1 or 3-year subscription. If a customer wants to buy fewer subscriptions than serial number licenses (for example. B, a customer has an AutoCAD LTĀ® 2015 5-Pack and wants to submit 3 licenses and keep 2 indefinite licenses), the customer must turn to a car dealer or Autodesk Client Service to divide the license into two serial numbers with the corresponding quantities. You or Autodesk (as a “party to the publication”) may disclose or provide confidential information about these conditions to the other party (as a “receiving party”). The receiving party will use the same care as the confidential information provided by the disclosure party, which uses it to protect the confidentiality of its own confidential information of the same nature (but in no case less than due diligence) and (i) use the confidential information of the disclosed party only in the context of the offers, and (ii) unless the party with the right to disclose has authorized it in writing. , to limit access to the disclosure party`s confidential information to its staff, consultants, contractors, service providers, professional consultants and others who require such access for bid-related purposes and who are not subject to less stringent obligations with the receiving party than those set out in these conditions. The receiving party may disclose confidential information to the publishing party if required by law. The receiving party will notify the public party of such mandatory disclosure (to the extent permitted by law) and take appropriate measures to limit such disclosure. Autodesk may also disclose your confidential information to respond to requests from public or regulatory authorities (including summonses or court decisions) in connection with a dispute with Autodesk or at your request.

If the disclosure is made at your request, you may be liable for the costs of compiling and accessing your confidential information.

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