Believe Housing Tenancy Agreement

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Paul Wellstead said: “This agreement is Spectrum`s largest individual lease to date and fantastic news for the park, which is cementing its reputation as one of the largest offices in the Northeast. Do you think housing construction is developing from a spectrum 6 floor to capture the entire Spectrum 4, demonstrating their long-term confidence in the business area. All new tenants will receive a short-term lease (or start-up lease). After a trial period – usually a year – if you meet all the conditions of your start-up rental, you get a secure lease. Identify and prevent fraud by cross-referencing your data with other datasets compiled by Durham County Council`s Corporate Fraud team, other local councils and other housing companies. You have the right to withdraw your consent so that we have this data in the particular category at any time. You can delete this information by editing your application online or by contacting your partner directly. Whether you qualify for housing under our own rental policy We have partnered with a housing provider to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour in county areas. The housing company is in the process of fully equipping the building in early 2020, which will bring together the East Durham organization`s facilities under one roof. Paul Wellstead, the developer behind Spectrum Business Park, has agreed to a 15-year lease for the three-story 35,000 sqm Spectrum 4-building to believe the accommodation.

Ian Porter, Director of Neighborhood and Customer Experience at Believe Housing, said: “This important collaboration with Durham County Council strengthens our joint work to combat a minority of people who choose to disrupt our communities. believe that housing is not the only high-level company to choose Spectrum as its base. The other occupants are Northumbrian Water, UMi, Durham County Council, Great Annual Savings Group and ResQ, and I hope this rental will be the catalyst for continued use of the remaining offices in 2020. Our new privacy policy gives us information on how we use your data to help you in your home. Our trading standards team will work with trusted housing to combat antisocial behavior and crime that could affect homes and customers of the housing company. In all cases where belief in residential real estate is involved in a criminal offence, the measures made possible by the new agreement could help reduce, prevent and interrupt related antisocial offences or behaviour.

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