Calarts Articulation Agreement

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“We are delighted with this agreement that gives Music Academy students at the Herb Alpert Music Center, which already receives full scholarships for teaching and private education with a historic $10.1 million foundation gift to the Herb Alpert Foundation`s LACC in 2016, the potential to participate in one of California`s most prestigious music programs.” says Professor Christine J Park. , Chair of the Music Department at THE LACC MUSIC CENTRE Herb Alpert. “This agreement gives our students easy access to a streamlined transfer route that allows them to realize their dream of visiting UCLA as a music major,” said Dr. Mary Gallagher, President of Los Angeles City College. The CCA has formal education partnerships that facilitate the transfer of credits. A formal articulation agreement, which is an example of this type of partnership, identifies courses offered at two different post-secondary institutions that match. By formally documenting courses that meet the same requirements, CCA can assure students that their credits will be transferred. The agreement, which was celebrated on February 19 at the Herb Alpert Music Center of the LACC Music Section, aims to enhance security in a process that can often be complicated and confusing for students and their families. The agreement defines certain courses that CCAA students must complete prior to transfer to UCLA, as well as UCLA`s course and credit requirements. The agreement also defines some CCAA teachers and advisors who will assist students during the transfer process. “The opportunity to move from LACC to UCLA helped me become a better musician, but also a better person.” Thanks to well-established transfer agreements, herb Alpert Music Academy, students who take the necessary courses, have a streamlined path to the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music and prioritize the transfer to the Herb Alpert School of Music at the California Institute of the Arts. See the course cards for each of these transfer options below. CCA is committed to students who want to change from here, no matter when they think about taking this step.

Check out our list of articulation agreements organized by geographic region and find specific transfer policies. If your school is not listed below, you can still apply for a transfer to CCA. Learn more about this, as in our student manual, or contact [email protected]. We have a different type of educational partnership, a 2-to-2 articulation agreement, which is specific to the majors. This means that a certain major`s courses – which correspond to a CCA program – have been monitored and approved by our university credit faculty. After graduating, 2-2 ensures that at the beginning of their third year, students will be able to move from a post-secondary university to a CCA.

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