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A consortium agreement will be reached between participants working on a project and will address a wide range of issues and possible circumstances. A consortium agreement is very similar and sometimes identical to a joint venture agreement. The consortium agreement defines the relationship between the partners, the organization and implementation of the project, as well as the rights and obligations of the partners. A well-prepared consortium agreement aims to minimize the chances of a future trade dispute between the parties and to remove barriers to cooperation. I have met with a large number of bidders, particularly in large-scale government and CPSE projects, who discuss over a long period of time in between, without reaching conclusions. My opinion on whether I should face a chance as a consortium or as a joint venture would be based on pre-qualification criteria and the proposed financial model. Airbus` four partner companies (British Aerospace, Aerospace, Construcciones Aeronéuticas SA and DASA) were both subcontractors and shareholders of the consortium to illustrate the complexity of such an agreement. This agreement resulted in a number of conflicts of interest and inefficiencies, as well as a possible move to Airbus SAS in 2001, which consolidated the original members of the consortium and reduced overhead costs. While consortia tend to share resources, they act independently when it comes to day-to-day business. In the case of a joint venture, two or more parties generally share ownership of a business, as well as risks, profits, losses and governance. Countries that develop standards have a competitive advantage over countries that do not, and countries and industries that subscribe to a global standard are often leaders in international trade. However, the creation of standards can lead to potential abuses and concerns about cartels and abuse of dominance.

In the United States, the legal basis for cooperation and consortia can be found in the antitrust guidelines for the Competitors Among collaboration of the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission. The consortium agreement must be sufficiently detailed to demonstrate that the project is managed within the framework of balanced cooperation between participants. The agreement ensures that all partners contribute to and benefit from fair cooperation and that the results of cooperation projects are shared equitably, although a controlled process is designed to protect the parties and rights such as trademarks that can be created during the cooperation project are allocated in the same way. For example, the Five College Consortium of Massachusetts includes the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Mount Holyoke College, Hampshire College, Smith College and Amherst College.

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