Isda Master Agreement Section 5(A)(Vi)

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The COVID-19 coronavirus causes disruption in many business contexts and it would be wise to check your contractual obligations to determine if there are consequences of the current disruption. While this should be done by contract, including loan agreements, loan documents and other types of financing and negotiation agreements, this note should provide a brief checklist for reviewing your derivative agreements in this time of stress. The good news is that in 2008, the experience of derivatives documentation experienced the 2008 financial crisis and Lehman`s bankruptcy, which allowed the market to be more confident in how these provisions should be interpreted in times of stress than in 2008. Are the terms of your derivative agreements consistent? Now, it is true that you can require that the declared debt of a master trading contract be calculated according to its net close-out amount, but this only signales the imbalance between the buy side and the sell side. Of course, fund managers may have fifty or even a hundred MASTER contracts at ISDA, but they are spread across dozens of different funds. Brokers, on the other hand, will have literally hundreds of thousands of master contracts, all facing the same legal entity. Credit Dudes: You are the wrong side of that risk, fellas. Even if a force majeure clause in your derivative contract is probably not triggered and there is no downgrade of the rating or MAE clause in the ISDA agreement, these events could be a default under a related financing agreement such as the derivative credit agreement and, therefore, the provisions of the default ISDA agreement could be involved and should be reviewed. Is the ISDA agreement or similar agreement intended for a downgrade of credit ratings or another additional termination event that would allow your counterparty to terminate the contract? Since most master trade agreements are now fully guaranteed and therefore do not constitute, in any case, material indebtedness on a network basis, it may be that even for hundreds of thousands of arsonists, the threshold will one day be seriously threatened.

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