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“Customer characteristics” refers to the site (s) and all social media customer brand pages and other media channels operated by the customer for which the services are used. This includes all software, applications, tools, websites or web services that are on the website, page or media channel. Who ever asked his friends for a lawyer? No one. Everybody wants a good lawyer. Once someone has a good rescue or discharge experience with a lawyer, they tend to keep that relationship with good conditions (same for storytellers and video producers, just say). 14.1 This agreement, including all schedules and orders, represents the parties` full understanding of the Services and replaces any prior or simultaneous, conflicting or additional communications. This agreement can be executed in one or more counterparties, each of which must be original, but it forms the same instrument. Executing a facsimile/electronic copy must have the same force and effect as executing an original, and a facsimile/electronic signature is considered an original and valid signature. The agreement can only be amended by a written agreement signed by both parties. If a provision of the agreement is found invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, that or these provisions must be construed as meeting the intentions of the invalidable or unenforceable provisions, with all other provisions remaining fully in force. 8.1 Olapic or the customer may disclose to the other Party certain confidential or protected information (“Confidential Information”) including, but not limited to all customer or OlaPIC information, as well as information relating to the integration of Olapic customer materials and content. Confidential information includes information that a party indicates is confidential or that, in the circumstances, should reasonably be considered confidential, whether oral, visual or written before or after the effective date. The party receiving confidential information undertakes not to disclose this information to third parties, with the exception of its employees, agents, consultants, service providers and contractors, who must keep this information confidential and undertake to treat it confidentially, take appropriate and prudent measures and security measures to prevent confidential information from being disclosed to third parties and not to use it, unless it is necessary to meet their obligations under this agreement.

The obligations in Section 8 do not apply to information that: (i) is now publicly available or is accessible to the public without fault of the receiving party; (ii) the receiving party is known or held prior to disclosure by the public party, as can be proven by written evidence; (iii) is disclosed on a non-confidential basis by a third party entitled to make such disclosure; or (iv) regardless of the receiving party, without using the other party`s confidential information, as can be proven by documentary evidence. Each party may disclose the other party`s confidential information in accordance with the law or the government. The provisions of this section 8 apply for a period of five (5) years after the end of this contract. In my company, for example, I have a Master Service Agreement… with my video editor… Because we do a lot of things together… And it takes a long time… Having to negotiate a new contract… every time I want to develop a new course….

Instead, I have a Master Service Agreement with it…. And every time, I have a new project,… We are simply creating a new working statement… This video describes how commercial documents are used to support security, especially the master service agreement.

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