Photo Licensing Agreement

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When the shock of such a ridiculous statement finally subsided, I reflected on how the labels we use influenced not only our views on ourselves and each other, but also the opinions and expectations of our customers towards us, as well as the licensing and use of our images. First, you should be aware that the license grants procedural use and scope. Only one particular use is allowed. Second, the description must ensure that the client understands what he can and cannot do with the photos. Third, it protects your photos from unauthorized use. I make a decent secondary income if I`m part of it with them, without having the thousands of images that other agencies need to make stick photography worth a value. Since most of my mandated clients want exclusive use, I don`t send them the images I license, even for storage. Instead, I submit non-similar rejections of the photo shoot and even shoot especially for my stock portfolio. Make sure you have a license agreement for every photo shoot you do for a client.

It can save you money and potential trouble on the line. If you license for several years or permanently (basically forever), what happens if that company takes off and receives a significant commitment? Your image will be worth a lot more. But you earn a very limited amount if you have given eternal use. Licensing photography can be an incredibly advantageous source of income for a photographer. Commercial and editorial photographers will look much more often at these subjects than retail photographers, but every talented photographer out there has a library with images with license potential. If you navigate through the combination of commercial, legal and artistic considerations, it can be complicated, but it doesn`t need to be overwhelming. It becomes easier, and there are resources available to help. EXCLUSIVE LICENSE – When an exclusive license is granted, an exclusive license limits not only the customer in the use of licensed images, but also the photographer in his ability to license the work to multiple users.

It is also important to note that exclusive licenses can be very broad or very specific. The license may grant the licensee exclusive rights to use a photo legally or in any combination of a medium, industry, region, language, period, product and/or other specific right negotiated between the licensee and the licensee.

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