Police Noc Format For Rent Agreement In Marathi

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1) OTP will be sent to the owners contact number 2) The address owner of the house and therefore the rental address should not be equal. 3) If the police concerned wish to verify the information contained in the application, the applicant/owner of the land must go to the police station accordingly. 4) If there is a disparity in the information contained in the notification, action is often taken against the applicant/owner. Vikram Mehta, president of property organization Property PPL, said: “The police would catch the real estate agent or the company`s management if there was an accident on a tenant. Thus, a broker offers this service. We take all the documents, have them stamped by the police and give them to society. We do it so that there are no problems.¬†“Just inform the nearest police station about the details of the tenant in the prescribed format. They don`t even need to go to the police station and can send the form by mail, mail or email,” he said. Go to this NOC online police website for the lease – mumbaipolice.gov.in/TenantForm?ps_id=0 Mumbai police spokesman, Sachin Patil, said: “We just need to be intimate. A NOC is not required.

If a company asks the police for documents, this tweet is enough to answer all its questions. 1) This request is to provide information on renting a house/place in Mumbai jurisdiction to inform The Mumbai police. 2) House/owner and tenants should confirm that the above information is true. 3) False message back to the police can be a criminal offence. Normally, when registering a leave and licensing contract, brokers charge two fees – intermediation and small fees that include the registration and receipt of the NoC document by the police. I confirm that the information I have provided in the above form is correct and correct in good conscience. I understand that withholding information or providing false information is a crime and can lead to legal action against me Alisha Coelho, who remains rented in Mumbai, said: “In an apartment I had rented before, the housing company had requested a document stamped from the police station. The real estate agent took all the details as well as those of the owner and was handed over to the company. He billed a small fee.¬†Fill in the information of people know tenants – “There is no requirement to get a NOC from the Mumbai police before renting your apartment/house,” the tweet published Friday by Mumbai police.

The size of the client`s passport, the proof of the photo and the identity, which has been properly scanned, should be ready. (Maximum image format file size is 4MO (scanned image formats – `.jpeg`, `.png`) Another Twitter user, who had to receive a confirmation letter from the police, said: “Last time, the company asked for a letter of confirmation from the police with a stamp. I didn`t know the rule, but an agent did it for me.

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