Scaled Agile Framework Team Working Agreement

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Strong focus on agile engineering practices (recently added) Pairing plays an important role. As a practice that supports integrated quality, coupling ensures that all jobs have a second pair of eyes, identify opportunities for improvement, and detect potential errors and errors. It also ensures that team members spend time working together. This promotes knowledge sharing, skills development and cooperation. In addition, the isolation effect highlighted by team members at a distance and highlighted previously is avoided. There is no formal or correct way to create work agreements, so Steve uses the approach I share in my workshops. As usual with a ScrumMaster, good preparation pays off. Consider informing the team in advance of the agree categories/areas. The Scrum Masters and I worked with our information and technology team to find the best way to use the tools we had for this event. We installed a central site on our intranet and used our internal collaboration tool to create a main information center and virtual spaces for each team, program sheet, presentations and Scrum of Scrum meetings. We use the Google suite at Scaled Agile, so team explosions occurred via Google hangouts, and each team also had a dedicated channel in Slack, which other teams could use to discuss common projects and dependencies and ask questions.

First of all, we knew that we had to answer many questions about sites, agenda, moderation, tools and working agreements. So we started laying the groundwork for our event by following the instructions in the expanded themed article from our Distributed PI Planning management team with SAFe and establishing our plan from there. Both Formula 1 cars and off-road riders have speed as a goal, but the degree of unknown in an off-road rally means that the team and the car must be very adaptable. Formula 1 cars are faster, but only because they work in a much more controlled environment; In the event of a gathering, they would collapse almost immediately irreparably. During the IP, registration meetings are held regularly for team representatives to discuss progress towards IP goals and other topics. Another thought is how remote team members can be informed about decisions made throughout the organization. It seems that there can never be too much communication about the state of the company and what is most important. Efforts must be made to provide these updates at appropriate team events, such as daily stand-ups or iteration planning. One option we have observed is to extend the system demonstration to include an all-hands element that provides an update of the organization processes.

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