Walgreens Collective Bargaining Agreement

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Local bargaining committee 727 opened negotiations on 18 June by presenting Osco with a 12-hour contract and pharmacy breaks. The package, which represents a major movement on the part of the Union, would include Local 727, which agrees to maintain the status quo for 12-hour days only under the conditions that Osco agrees (1) to keep a complete and accurate record of pharmacists` daily breaks and rest hours; (2) provide each pharmacy with a sign to display when a pharmacist is on break; and (3) technicians in the management of interruptions and customers during the apothecary break. Although Osco`s management has already agreed in October 2018 to retain the technicians, it did not immediately respond to the EU`s proposal. “Osco thought they could offer the bare minimum and pharmacists would take it. I am so proud of our members and the bargaining committee who have proven the business to be fake,” said Zach Frankenbach, Local Economic Manager 727 for Osco Pharmacists.¬†With this vote, pharmacists have sent the company the message that they are united, strong and will represent nothing less than the respect and fair treatment they deserve.¬†Most revoltingly, Osco capped off its list of abysmal proposals by proposing to remove the chief pharmacists from the bargaining unit. Faced with Osco`s lack of willingness to travel on issues crucial to members, the Local Bargaining Committee 727 took the courage to present the company with one last, best and last offer (LBFO) for a five-year contract. The EU LBFO has not only taken enormous measures with regard to annual wage increases for all pharmacists, but also a two-year freeze on health premiums and a 3% cap on the increase in health premiums for the last three years of the proposed agreement. 01.23.20 – Teamsters Local 727 and Osco Drug, Inc., a wholly-based subsidiary of Albertsons, met today, January 23, for the last conciliation meeting of the parties. Although the EU bargaining committee extended an olive branch during the parties` collective bargaining, Osco`s representatives made little progress. Local Bargaining Committee 727 not only took the time to explain in detail the members` concerns about the company`s outstanding contractual proposals, but the Union also presented Osco representatives with a way to resolve these issues and reach a fair agreement.

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