What To Do If A Custody Agreement Is Broken

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No no. Unfortunately, we have no authority on these issues. But in our experience, when my husband`s ex kept his children on the weekend, we called the police and their friend was there to refuse us to give them to us. The police were unable to get custody and told us there was nothing they could do. I have a problem that my father has not had in his life for about 6 years, we had a child welfare mission when she was 1, he came back recently and gave up his orders to claim his rights, suddenly my daughter does not even know this man and asks me not to send him with him, he called me twice the police when I did not send him the second time. She comes home and tells me she never wants to come back and asks me not to send it, I have no idea where to start. How can I no longer send it? Now, if he is ready to be a father, he is the dense one who supports the order around. Not to mention the fact that he owes me like 10,000 refunds, he doesn`t pay his child welfare. What must I do???? Oh, and my son refuses to go and see because of all the abuse. Now they`re threatening my freedom. How to take a 6ft 5,160 pounds 17 year old in a car ad force him to go somewhere. My child then runs and I am accused. What am I doing, are you sure you`re really aware of the whole situation? I would like to take my daughters most of the time, or all, but only if necessary, and she can keep all her money.

And working for your children, even if it pushes you to your limits, is a blessing that has no equivalent. I hope you get bogged down, but you imagine yourself as if you were oppressed as she can be. If you don`t like every minute to take care of your children, then let someone else take some time with them. I wish I could still have some of the “burdens” that my ex took for herself. My daughters would be better for it and she could live more of the “more appreciated” lifestyle she deserves. I changed the majority of the three girls from the value of diapers and I never regretted it. Every change was an act of service and love, and things only got better from there. The work you do for your family is part of the only job that is important, and you should enjoy it every minute while you can, because when it`s over, it`s over. If a former spouse cannot see what he is missing, if he does not take care of his children, it should not be a focal point for criticism, because it is a tragedy for all. What did you say about your vacation and your “fucking break”? The ex-wife refuses to communicate openMeine ex-wife refuses to have an open communication with me regarding our children. She has the main guard because, according to the state of Florida, I work too much.

She refuses to give me her phone number in case of emergency for our children, and the only way she will communicate is by email. 98% of the time, she doesn`t even answer. When she answers, it is a one-word answer. Our divorce decree says that there must be open communication and that there is almost no communication. It also trains our children to be afraid to go with me. She tells them that I`m bad, that my house is bad, that it`s dirty, and that there are monsters here. All of this is false. I tried everything I could and I don`t know what to do. What am I supposed to do? Spare us all your suffering, I`m ranting. It`s an insult to Dad, who did more than 50% of what you talked about at our weddings.

Dad is like me, who want 50/50 instead of all the other weekends, and our kids miss so badly when they`re gone, our hearts hurt. Above all, your actions should be carried out in the best interests of your child.

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