India Iran Defence Agreement 2003

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The declaration called on the two states to extend their strategic cooperation to third countries, a clear reference to Afghanistan. It is significant that the New Delhi Declaration, beyond the concern over the increased US military presence in the Persian Gulf, was aimed at improving defence cooperation between India and Iran, particularly in the following areas: despite these many forms of cooperation, more than a few restrictions should limit the extent to which India could reach Iran within the Defence Association. Aid in these areas will depend on Iran`s reduction in hostilities against the United States and Israel. India receives large quantities of state-of-the-art equipment from Israel and therefore cannot be considered to undermine its security by valuing the perceived threat posed by Iran. New Delhi`s camaraderie with Iran, particularly in the area of defence cooperation, runs the risk of putting them at risk of simultaneously improving relations with Israel and the United States. The area of defence cooperation is under close and careful scrutiny, as it is the responsibility of the united States and Israel scanners. – On 19 January 2003, the Indian newspaper “The Hindu” -™ declared that Iran had become an important factor in India`s efforts to reorganize the geopolitics of its troubled western neighbourhood. New Delhi has in the past been cautious about the close relationship between Iran and Pakistan. Today, India sees its strengthening of its cooperation with Iran as an instrument likely to push Pakistan towards political moderation and regional economic integration.

Two months after President Khatamis` visit to India, Tehran and New Delhi carried out their first joint naval manoeuvres in the Arabian Sea in March 2003. The control and safety of shipping routes, as well as the discomfort of the U.S. presence in the Persian Gulf, were co-responsible for this exercise. Another exercise took place in March 2006. However, defence cooperation was sporadic and low-level.11 The second naval exercise in March 2006 was decisive as it joined President George Bush`s visit to Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

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