Land Access Agreement Template Nsw

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FARMERS would do itself a disservice if they signed a “template” agreement from NSW Farmers with the Australian Rail Track Corporation, a senior lawyer has warned. Farmers are warned not to sign the Australian Rail Track Corporation`s Land Access Agreement. “There is a bit of raking on the part of some people,” he said, insisting that Inland Rail is not a “Trojan horse” for any other project that he says has been accepted in some quarters. Fundamental elements that should be part of a land access agreement – for example, that the landowner or the environment should not be disadvantaged – are missing. – Mr. Hardie of Mary Lou said that NSW Farmers had worked hard to prevent the publication of information to other parties. “The work in progress will be unique for the Inland Rail project,” he said. The purpose of land access regimes is to ensure an orderly search for minerals while recognizing the right of landowners to operate without inappropriate intervention or disturbance. Both landowners and explorers have clear legal rights to access land for mineral exploration. It may seem like a simple installation, but getting a railway line over land seems to be fraught with traps for both landowners and proponents of the project, the Australian Rail Track Corporation. A high-ranking lawyer described a land access contract presented by ARTC as “dangerous”.” The presentation of the Land Access Agreement for Mineral Exploration (the model) is published by the Department of Planning and The Environment, in accordance with Section 141 (1A) of the Mining Act 1992.

The goal is to help landowners and mineral exploration companies operating in NSW negotiate an access agreement. This proposal is intended to cover exploration of minerals and coal, but does not address access to land for opal exploration or oil exploration (including coal-layer gas). Note that the use of the model is optional. The vast majority of relationships between explorers and landowners are positive. Courtesy, respect and honesty go a long way when it comes to building relationships between explorers and landowners. And the burden of proof that ARTC had damaged the land was due to the landowner, which means that all the costs associated with building a business that had actually done the job would be borne by them.

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