Los Angeles Community College District Project Labor Agreement

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In addition to her law firm, Ms. Reddock-Wright has worked in numerous public bodies and commissions, including the Los Angeles Community College Board of Trustees, where she was a member of the board of directors that voted to pass Measure J, a $400 million loan to support new campus construction projects. California Labor Code Section 1770 and following. contractors on public works projects require their workers to pay the prevailing wage rates. The District has made AVAILABle ALP resources to contractors who may be considering offering a project or becoming a subcontractor. All questions relating to PLA, local attitude or understanding of how to work with the agreement can be addressed to our project coordinators: these awards are defined and issued by the Department of Industrial Relations, Department of Labour Statistics and Research. Under the Labour Code 1726, the borough will take into account possible wage violations when carrying out construction projects by actively monitoring contractors on the payment of current wage rates and on compliance with all labour compliance requirements. With nine colleges, District Community College in Los Angeles is the largest Community College District in the country. It also has the largest public borrowing and construction program among community universities at the federal level. After reaching an agreement with the District for the projects listed below, the PLA agreement requires all contractors and subcontractors to comply with existing laws and regulations that require payment of existing wages. All contractors of the projects listed below are bound by the plas requirements, whether they are companies independent of the unions or the unions. The PLA sets targets for the district apprenticeship program and the employment of local residents in the 40% project, which provides an occupancy rate of 10% for current apprentices in the district and 30% of qualified residents (if this cannot be filled and then extended to qualified regional residents). In 2001, the Los Angeles Community District concluded the Labor Agreement Project (PLA) with local construction unions and was amended on July 8, 2015 (APLA).

The objective of the PLA is to ensure work harmony on project jobs and to create a unique working relationship framework for work and management during the construction program. Among the objectives and objectives of the AEPs are: this experience helps him to ensure project work agreement and work compliance for a large number of projects.

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